September TBR DECIMATION!!!!

My TBR pile has grown as of late... I mean, there is no way I could walk into a bookshop this cute and leave with nothing!

So I'm setting myself a four book challenge for September because the only book I've read lately is my own during edits ^^;

Wanna join me? Comment below and say how many books you're aiming to read ^_^

(PS: I joined Instagram. Swing by and see lots of photos of tea XD)


  1. I'm aiming for six books this September! A bit nervous because my book-focus has been completely absent for most of summer, but I'm hoping the habit will come back to me!

    TIME TO DECIMATE THE TBR AGAIN! Looking back at my blog archives it seems like I last did this challenge in 2015 and whooaaaaaa it does not feel like that long ago AT ALL.

    1. You can do it! I've mostly been working on my book this month. I DNF'd a book too. Here's hoping I don't have any more!

      Yeah, I knew I'd done the DECIMATION a few years back when my TBR was insane. It's built back up since then, so it's time to take control.


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