Farewell 2017!

Wow, another year over. 2017 has been a year of self-improvement for me. And I think 2018 will be, too.

But I'll get to that! First!

Best Books of 2017

1) If you haven't read The Hate U Give yet, you need to for soooooo many reasons. Angie Thomas nailed Starr's voice, and I still love how incredibly well she captured a sense of family in this book.

2) I was initially hesitant to read The Book of Dust because so many recent updates to my childhood/teen faves have been such epic disappointments. Thank goodness this was fantastic.

3) The Power is an essential read. Women develop superpowers. Men don't. Yeah. If you've read (or watched) The Handmaid's Tale, you'll enjoy this.

Best Film of 2017

Wonder Woman aaaaaaaaaall the way.

Best Game of 2017 

...Look, I know the answer to this should be Breath of the Wild, but it isn't. It's a lovely, lovely game with a gorgeous soundtrack but...

Final Fantasy XV blew me away and I still haven't recovered. I think I knew I loved it the moment this piece of music started to play and I realised I had tears in my eyes because it's just so beautiful. Poor Noct just had to stand there while I listened. That was it. I was in love, and at this point, I think I have to accept I will *never* recover from how much I love this game. Bit like Final Fantasy VII...


Let's take a look at this year's goals:
  • Put my all into my Golden Egg Foundation Year course!
I think I definitely did that, and I'm really looking forward to carrying on with the GEA in 2018 ^_^ Time to take my novel to the next level!
  • Continue sticker charting.
 Ah, the lazy way to bullet journal. Yup, definitely did this. And have my 2018 diary ready to go!
  • Become a better violinist. 
I performed in four concerts this year and I'm working on Grade VII so I'd say I'm improving all the time.

Goals for 2018
  • Edit, edit, edit - one thing I've learned this year is that editing a book can take years. So I will be dedicated 2018 again to self-improvement and making Conspiracy of Echoes even better.
  • Blog minimal once a month - the blog's been super quiet this year for a huge range of reasons, but you are all still reading it so I'm gonna keep updating it whenever I can find the time.
  • Travel - due to me being poor, I didn't actually set foot outside the UK in 2017 which sucked. Really, really sucked. Need to fix that in 2018.
  • Remember to write for fun - I've been working so hard on my GEA project this year, I had to step back and remind myself "hey, it's okay to write for me." At times, if I'm not working on Ghost!Story, I still feel this flicker of guilt, but next year, no. I refuse. It's essential I take some time to write for pleasure. Doesn't have to be good, doesn't have to be a lengthy project, I just have to enjoy it.
  • Keep playing the violin - I'd like to improve my sight-reading this year, and my ability to name notes without having to stop and think for several looooooong seconds.
So that's it. 2017 is over and out. Thanks for reading my blog this year, and I'll see you all in 2018 ^_^


  1. I'm reading The Hate U Give right now, and oh my god, my heart. THIS BOOK. THIS BOOK, COLE! IT'S SO GOOD.

    I'm super nervous about picking up The Book of Dust, but your review makes me want to read it.

    Also, your Final Fantasy XV posts give me life. I totally want to play it now.

    "one thing I've learned this year is that editing a book can take years. "


    "Remember to write for fun"


    Deeply looking forward to hearing about your 2018 adventures in travel, writing, gaming and learning to play the violin. I also neglected my blog a lot last year so I'm really trying to get my groove back in 2018 -- it feels weird blogging since the scene's gotten so quiet, but hey, it's still fun! So I'm including that in my 'just for fun' writing time.

    1. It's a very good book. Well deserving of all the praise it's received ^_^

      Everything is FFXV and nothing hurts :P

      The blogging scene is so quiet these days. Feels like I'm shouting into a void these days. It's a shame. I miss when it was busy and people were everywhere. Oh well! Life goes on. Gotta keep on keeping on ^_^ Thanks for commenting!

    2. Yeah, I get the same 'shouting into the void' feeling too. Though this year I've been experimenting more with cross-posting and that's been helping... I use a default Wordpress feature called Jetpack to cross-post to Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook (with nice native formatting and image inclusion), and I'm experimenting with IFTTT.com ("If This, Then That.com") which does things like:

      When I post on Instagram, post that photo on Twitter as a native image and on Facebook.

      ...It helps add some noise to the void, but doesn't fit the core feeling of people leaving. It feels a lot like bloggers are becoming newsletter-ers, and I can see why since the skills really do crossover, but I'm not really comfortable doing that until I have a book to sell.

    3. To be honest, a huge part of me falling so quiet is lack of time. During term time I tend to be SO INSANELY BUSY and then in the breaks I'm just ZZZZZZZ. I need to find my motivation again for sure.


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