Motivation, You Pain In My Arse

My motivation has been conspicuously absent lately. I'm not writing anything new, and I'm only managing one blog post a week. Why? Actually, I have a really, really good reason. Multiple good reasons. 2016 has been dedicated to seeking a career adaptation. I say adaptation because I'm not entirely changing what I do. In fact, I'll still be doing my current job. I'll just be training new childcarers, too. But the truth is I thought I would've had this career move back in the spring. Unfortunately, it took six months to find my new job. My mind has been completely absorbed with that, rather than focusing on writing. I even paused querying because I haven't had the mental space for it. Quite frankly, I spent the summer being rejected on multiple fronts, and something had to give. I honestly can't remember how many jobs I applied to and didn't get, but throwing agent rejections into the mix as well was madness. So I stopped querying and decided to take time out from the whole thing. Now I've sorted out my employment situation, I can focus on building up my energy to resume querying.

I'm not throwing myself straight back into it. I'm doing an online course (full review coming as soon as I've finished), and I'm also waiting to see if I've made it into the Golden Egg Academy. Basically, I'm investing something extra into Ghost!Story. I love this book so damn much, and I want to give it my all. Unless something really unexpected happens, I doubt I'll resume querying in 2016.

It feels so good to take this time out. If there's one positive to take away from the summer, it's that I managed to completely emotionally detach from the entire querying process. It's given me the patience to wait to query, rather than rushing. I've been so preoccupied, the publishing world fell off my radar entirely. But I still want my book to find a home somewhere. I've had personalised rejections, so I have to be onto something. And these writing courses are giving me the emotional boost I've needed all year long. My point, quite simply, is that it's a great idea to invest in your writing when you need a morale booster. I still don't have any new ideas, but I'm not ready to leave behind the old one yet. And this writing course I'm on is definitely the kick up the arse my motivation needed.


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