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Firstly, apologies for the silence this month. I've just started a new job, which means I now have two jobs, so I'm wrapping my head around all of that right now. I am becoming a highly organised individual! I have work emails for the first time in five years, diaries to manage, meetings to attend and all sorts! It's terribly exciting :P And yeah, I still have my nannying job, so I'm a little bit busy right now. Rest assured I will continue blogging whenever I find the time.

Time like I have today!

I am once again plunging into an edit, but this time I have a very particular focus - my main character. As a part of the course I'm working on, I've had to go over my query and my synopsis again, and one thing became clear based on the feedback - my main character needed better motivation. Or, rather, I needed to make it clearer to see. I mean, I know her motivation really well. But I haven't made it obvious to the reader. Right now, her motivation is a bit meh. I think it's a huge part of why I haven't gotten past the querying stage.

Having not read or edited this book for several months, I've got the distance I need to see these things and make them better. Yes, it means I'm doing the inevitable 'how did I miss this awfulness before?!' self doubt thing, but you know how it goes. You could edit a book for the rest of time and still find better ways of doing things.

I've always struggled to take time out from a manuscript, but 2016 really forced me to do exactly that, and I think it could be just what my WIP needs to help me find an agent.

Once more into the editing cave I go...


  1. Good luck with your new job and your edit round! I'm revising too and am also trying to show motivation and character growth better. :)

    1. Thank you! I am really enjoying it so far ^_^

      Good luck with your edit!

  2. You can do it! You're gonna rock it, I just know it. :D Have a great time at the new job.

    1. *blushes* Thank you! Here's to making Zadie more compelling!


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