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Previously in Writing

The lovely people at Writers' HQ offered me a place on their Getting Published: Submitting Your Manuscript course. It's already brilliant. I'll post a full review once I've completed it. I am especially excited to reach the synopsis section of the course. It's a distance learning course, complete with a forum where I can chat to my fellow students and the course instuctors. If you're looking for a writing course, but can't commit to the travelling (a lot seem to be based in London over here), Writers' HQ could be what you're looking for. Check out their courses here.

Good luck to all you NaNoers next month. I hope you manage to write all the words. All of them. Every word.

Previously in Reading

A sloooooow month for reading anything that isn't sheet music, honestly ^^; I'm reading Goldenhand by Garth Nix, the latest in his Old Kingdom series. I'm definitely enjoying it a lot more than Clariel. 

Next Time in Goals

Last time, my goal was to keep practicing the violin. I've definitely done that and played daily. Orchestra was a lot of fun this month, and I even performed in my first concert :D And last night I went to London to see Taylor Davis live in concert. She was amazing. I'm definitely inspired, so one goal is to keep playing daily! And I'll get a review up of her show asap, because London was only the second stop. Plenty of you will have the chance to see her, and you absolutely should.

My main November goal is to get to grips with my new job! I'm going to be working as a NVQ assessor alongside my childcare work. Basically, I'm training childcare students. Hooray! It took a long, long time to get this job, but I did it and I'm so proud of myself.

(And maybe complete Dark Souls after nearly a year of playing it... maybe. Maaaaaaaaybe. No Rise of the Tomb Raider until it's done!)

A Word of Advice

Don't give up. Whether it's writing or, in my case this year, trying to find a new job, sometimes you have to settle in for a long journey.

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