Yes, it's that time of the month again. Come and share all the highs and lows of your writing and reading month. Leave a link to your post in the comments!

Previously In Writing

I did something I've been meaning to do for ages - I applied to join the Golden Egg Academy. It's run by a UK publishing house and I'm hoping I'll get in with Conspiracy of Echoes. I'm hoping I'll hear in October if my work's good enough to make use of all their editorial help.

Previously in Reading

I picked up the latest in the Young Bond series, Strike Lightning. It was okay. I do wish Charlie Higson was still writing these. I feel like he dedicated a bit more space to characterisation, which I miss. Steve Cole focuses more on action, which is fine, but I do miss those little quieter moments.

Next Time in Goals

I joined an orchestra!!!!!! That was my goal for the month, and I achieved it! And I had so much fun. My next rehearsal is next weekend, and I can't wait. Of course as soon as I wanted to start practicing more, my violin broke. Thankfully I've had it repaired. Now all it needs to do is stay in tune for longer than a day... although I am learning to tune it a lot faster than before :P

My goals for this month are to continue practicing the violin. Being in an orchestra is a bit of a trial by fire. It's highlighting my weaknesses and forcing me to improve them rapidly.

A Word of Advice 

For those of us without agents, it can feel like that publishing dream may never come true. It's all out of your control. Which is why if you should find a dream you can control and you can achieve independently. Don't give up on writing, but find something else to bolster your self-confidence.


  1. Good luck with Golden Egg Academy and CONGRATS on joining an orchestra!!!

  2. Good luck with the Golden Egg Academy! You'll get in, I know it. <3 And when you do I'll be so interested to hear about your experiences! The website does look so cool and shiny.

    OMG ORCHESTRAAAA. Next month I hope you can tell us more about what that involves! It sounds so cool! :D

    1. Thanks! Hoping I'll hear back in the next week or so ^_^

      Got my next rehearsal on Saturday, so I'll be sure to let you know next month how it all goes.


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