Old Habits

A busy, messy desk isn't the only sign I've fallen into a few old habits lately. What? A busy desk is the sign of a busy, creative mind! I know where everything is. I just have to move piles to get to certain things every now and then...

Lately, I've been writing what I want, when I want, how I want. One of the best things about not having a major project on the go right now is the freedom to experiment, while simultaneously falling back into my old comfort writing habits.

For example, I love to write at night, in a dark room with really good music. I recently played Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, and since then, the score has taken on a new meaning to me. Listening to it and exploring a few ideas is so liberating.

I'm not tying myself down to an idea. I'm trying out different things; writing scenes, exploring character concepts, trying different genres, indulging in a spot of fanfiction, revisiting things I haven't looked at in a few years... I'm having fun. I think after not writing for a while, focusing on what you want to write, rather than what the market may or may not want, is a great way to remind yourself why you love to create worlds and share stories.

What are your old writing habits you like to fall back on every now and then?


  1. The days that I actually have fun writing (and not pulling my hair out over plot holes, flat characters, etc) are definitely when I enjoy my chosen passion the most.


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