July is, unbelievably, reaching an end, which means it's time for Previously! Come and share your writing and reading month.

Previously in Writing

Well, I definitely wrote this month. I wrote lots, actually. Except the words were for three different ideas, none of which fully grabbed me and demanded I dedicate all of my time to them. I like all the ideas, but there's not quite enough to them.

And then Star Trek Beyond came out, so now I'm writing fanfiction to my heart's content. When you're stuck with your own ideas, there's nothing like using another universe to keep your creativity ticking over. 

Previously in Reading

I'm currently reading Broken Heart by Tim Weaver, one of my absolute favourite writers. He is so damn good.

Next Time in Goals

My goals right now are pretty personal. Something along the line of sort your life out before the end of 2016. I've been trying to change my career since Spring, and while I have a new qualification, I haven't been able to put it to any use yet. *sigh* Looks like my goal for August will be the same as July's - endure and survive. 

And at least I can go see Star Trek to keep me going :) That film made me so happy. So, so happy. I can't recommend it enough. 

A Word of Advice

Do what makes you happy.

Join in Previously! Leave your link in a comment below ^_^ Apologies for the lack of a better link system. It didn't want to work today.


  1. Sounds like a really heavy month! I'm very excited about STB, it sounds absolutely amazing by all accounts. Really looking forward to seeing it and Ghostbusters in the cinema some time very soon.

    I really hope you get the right opportunity for your career soon. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

    My Previously, where I fail to hit my writing targets agaiiiin ugghhh:

    1. It's such a fun film, and there are so many nods to the franchise as a whole. I was in fangirl heaven <3

      I'll just have to keep on keeping on. Apparently my career goals aren't simple even when writing and querying isn't involved :P

  2. We've been trying to decide how urgently we need to see the new Star Trek. I'm curious how you felt about the previous two films? Is this one significantly different in style or tone?

    1. I absolutely love the other two, but this one does have a different feel. It was more reminiscent of the TV show certainly. It feels more relaxed, like the writers knew the characters well enough to know when they could have some levity. There are some great moments of character interaction. It's nowhere near as heavy as Into Darkness. It's just so joyous. I could go into more detail, but honestly you just need to see it for yourself. I'd hate to spoil the plot with my over-enthusiastic fangirling.

      Oh, and not a lens flare in sight ;)


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