Miss Cole's (Slightly Belated) Tea Time - Ceylon Supreme from Char

Apologies for not posting this sooner, but what with the weather being so lovely earlier in the week, and me working a lot more hours, I just didn't have time to sit down for a good cuppa until now.

I chose this tea not only because it's a Ceylon, probably my favourite type of tea, but because of the words "mellow" and "soothing" on the label. I am very happy to report this tea lives up to expectation. I've had it with me while editing in the evenings and it's so relaxing. Just what I need after a long, hot day of childcare.

I love the lightness of this tea. It's strong but not overly weighty. Again, if you're so inclined, it'd be perfect without milk. I brewed it for three minutes, sat back and enjoyed. With every sip, I felt the stresses of my day flow out of me.

Tea reviews will return to Wednesdays the week after next. I certainly hope you'll join us for Previously next Wednesday. Yes, the end of July is rapidly approaching O_O


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