YA Buccaneers' Spring Bootcamp - Goals

This year, I signed up for the YA Buccaneers' Spring Bootcamp. I thought "yeah, I can totally do it this May!"

And then I remembered I'm spending most of May on the road... So I had to adapt my goals accordingly :P

Here's to uncharacteristic planning ahead! My bootcamp goals for May are -

  • Finish Ghost!Story Book 2's paper edits.
  • Write daily - minimum of one page.
  • A minimum of two blog posts while I'm away (Previously and a soundtrack review)
I need to get the editing done by next Tuesday. Hahaha, no pressure O_O

My reward for getting all of this done will be a PS4. Yes. A PlayStation. And Uncharted 4 :D :D :D

Good luck to all my fellow bootcampers! 


  1. That's an *excellent* goal-making incentive! Good luck, hit all the targets, play all the games! :D


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