Life As A Long-Term Querier

Okay, I'm sure there are people who would look at my four years of querying and laugh at me for thinking that's "long-term". But it feels like a long time when I think I started querying in 2012 and here I am in 2016 still working hard on finding the right agent for my work.

Dear agent - you are out there.

...Or her ;)

I won't be that terrifying though, I promise!

Querying is now just another part of my writing routine. I know I won't query everything I write, but I also know in my gut when a book will make it that far. And knowing that changes how I write. I keep things a bit simpler than I used to, and I'll write the blurb section of a query letter halfway through to keep myself focused on the plot. Yeah, I still can't do it before I start writing the book. I never know where it'll go before I start. That's the joy of pantsing my way through.

I haven't lost any of my hope and excitement, or any of the doldrums that comes with the process. Thankfully, I'm a lot better at keeping my expectations realistic and not pinning all my hopes onto one agent. Keeping a cool head helps so much. Rejections are certainly less painful that way.

Over the years, you also get a lot better at targeting the right agents for your book. My original agent list for my first ever project was loooooooong. Overly so. But it's gotten shorter and more focused with each new project. I've been fortunate enough to receive rejections with a "please think of me for your next project" message. Those give me hope that I'm not entirely rubbish.

For some people, querying lasts a matter of months. Others a few years. Some decades. It might take me decades, and that's a tough idea to accept, but I'm not going to give up. Querying is part of the routine now, and someday I'm going to find an agent who gets my book.

And I hope all of you will find your agents, too ^_^


  1. *waves pom-poms*

    Our time will come! And it's going to be so, so, worth the wait when it does. I'm learning so much every year, improving every month, and my characters and worlds are better for it.

    Persistence and patience is so important in this industry! We're just cultivating core skills. ;)

    I know you'll hear good new soon. You'll get an agent, and the full glory of the Coleverse will be unleashed to the world. It's going to be amazing! <3

    1. You are the sweetest <3 I cannot wait to have a hardback copy of a certain mecha novel in my hands. Signed by your lovely self, of course ;)

      We're doing the level grinding right now. It's all for a good cause.

    2. 'Level grinding' is the best description I've heard for the query trenches in a loooong time. <3 I can't wait to have an entire shelf full of your Ghost Story series.

    3. It's my preferred metaphor ;)

  2. Your time will come! I definitely found I became more efficient over time. If I went back to querying today, my agent list would be about five people. :P You want someone who's really invested in your career, so it's worth waiting to find the right match!

  3. Deciding that you won't give up until you get there is definitely half of the game won, I think. There is no one more stubborn than a hopeful writer!! Or harder working, and I know you'll find him/her one day. =)

    1. Our stubbornness defines us. I refuse to accept failure.

  4. It's great that you've kept going. That's the key to success. Good luck and I hope you get more success this year.


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