Surviving Flight Delays for Writers

I recently had a rather bad spell of luck where planes and flying are concerned. Sometimes, your flights will be delayed and you'll have to sit around the airport for a while. Other times, your flights will be cancelled and... you'll have to sit around airports for a while waiting for alternate flights. Sometimes, you'll have unexpected visits to other airports not originally part of your journey and... yeah... okay, by that point I was MEGA sleep deprived so I wasn't exactly in prime writing condition but...

Wait... Let's not get off topic.

I for one will be quite happy not to sit at an airport again for the foreseeable future, but for any of you lovely people who may, like myself, be forced to encounter unexpected delays to your journeys, I have a few tips.
  • Be prepared for delays and cancellations before you go and carry some editing or your current WiP on a laptop.
  • Carry a notebook to write in - maybe scenes from a WiP or new ideas.
  • People watch. Airports are full of fascinating people you can be inspired by.
  • Write a story that involves a flight delay... (Mine will be a horror :P)
  • Alternatively, buy a new book. When you're hours into a flight delays, sometimes your brain may straight up refuse to concentrate on writing. Thank goodness for airport bookshops!
Do you have any flight trouble survival tips?


  1. Oh man, I've tried this before and I'm useless at writing when dealing with flight delay stress. I can read sometimes, but a lot of the time I just end up listening to music because it's the lowest effort option.

    1. Music is definitely an option. I had a 3DS and Kingdom Hearts and without that I don't think I would've stayed awake as well as I did. All hail technology!!!

  2. I was lucky not to have any flight delays on my last trip, but I did have several 3-4 hour transits and a lot of time sitting in airports. I'm really glad I decided to save my WIP in Microsoft OneNote in my phone, because I had more writing time than I expected. People watching in airports is always fun, too!

    Someday I want to write a horror story set on board a long haul flight. Flying for 12 hours in complete silence when it's dark is the creepiest thing ever. :P

    1. You are lucky. I have Office on my phone for impromptu writing sessions. It's certainly helpful :)


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