The Joy of Writing With Music - Through the Decades

Music from different decades is like a voyage through history. Super helpful if you're writing a historical story... or if you just want to feel all the nostalgia. Granted, picking one song from an entire decade hardly sums up the entirety of a culture or its history at the time, but it's a good entry point. Share your favourites, too!


This is the kind of 60s music I heard a lot growing up as it's the kind of stuff my dad likes. Don't you just feel young and hip listening to it?


Okay, okay, there is no way I could peek at the 70s and not look at disco, okay? I mean, we're talking about a decade that had a disco version of BEETHOVEN. I really like disco. It's so catchy! I need more of it on my iPod.


If you want to watch the video for this awesome song, you can find it here. It's so 80s with those bizarre mannequin faces. Interesting fact, it works as a sequel to a-ha's Take on Me video. Yeah, you know the one - the cartoon one.


Direct Link (alright!)


(Early) 2000s

...I know, this song is from 2000 so it only just qualifies, but it takes me right back to my fourteen-year-old self. Unite, teenage misfits!!!!!

So, there's a minuscule sample of music across the decades. But it all sounds so different, and it's a great way to get a feel for a different time period if your book isn't contemporary.


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