Miss Cole's Tea Time - American Classic Tea

As I am bound for the USA tomorrow (YAY!), it makes sense to review an American tea today. Yes, American! Not just an American brand, but tea actually grown in the US. You can even visit the tea plantation in Charleston. This tea was a gift from my friends who I'm off to see tomorrow.

The American Classic Tea has a really unique taste. It's strong like an Assam, but if you brew it for the full five minutes, there's a slight hint of smokiness, too. I do brew it for five minutes minimum to get the best from the leaves. I find it's too weak for my personal tastes if I brew it quicker. This is a tea to be savoured, not rushed. I think it makes a great afternoon tea.

And on that note, the tea reviews will return April 20th! I'll see you all next week for March's edition of Previously...


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