Monthly Soundtrack Reviews - Time's End

Soundtrack: Time's End
Album Art Source
Year: Original score 2000, this album 2012
Composer: Koji Kondo with Toru Minegishi. Arranged by Theophany
Stand Out Track: Terrible Fate
Works Well With: Suspense, horror, fantasy, tragedies with a light at the end of the tunnel

Time's End is a remix and re-imagining of the soundtrack from Majora's Mask, one of the Legend of Zelda games. Sound effects and voice acting from the game have been brilliantly weaved into the music. It is simply astonishing. Every time I listen to this album, I am transported to another world. I am constantly impressed by the love, care and attention that has gone into this. I am so excited to share it with you all. I know a lot of you are Zelda fans, and you will love this album.

Theophany completely captured the darker and more menacing feel of this game. It seeps out of every note in Majora's Wrath. The tension is incredible. It's music like this that can really enable a writer to get to grips with a heavier scene.

Yes, a lot of the pieces have a melancholy edge to them, and it's why they work so beautifully, but there's also the joyous Clocktown theme that captures the excitement of an upcoming carnival. It's followed by Healing the Great Fairy. Both capture moments of light, levity and hope.

Honestly though, it's that ominous air that hangs over so much of this album that keeps me coming back to it. It's so inspiring to write with. No piece captures this more than Lover's Mask. In one piece of music, you will hear the pain of loss underpinned by a tiny hope that maybe it will be alright at the last moment. The voice calls out and the strings tremble, and from despair there is hope. If you've played the game, you'll be familiar with the subplot of Anju and Kafei. This track captures their relationship perfectly.

Time's End is the perfect track to end this album on. It builds, softly at first, but rapidly gaining intensity. You can believe an intense battle is happening, and that lives are at stake. Drums pound, strings rock back and forth, and a beautiful voice soars over it all to bring clarity. It's powerful, it's moving, and it's awe-inspiring. And then, right at the very end, there's a sense that time is unwinding, travelling back on itself, taking us back to the start, to relive those same three days all over again. It is amazing. Just listen to that creepy laugh right at the end. What a sound to end on. How sinister.

This is one of my favourite fan albums of all time. If you're a Zelda fan, or if you're a writer looking for some inspiration, you can't go wrong with Time's End.


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