Miss Cole's Tea Time - Queen's Blend from Fortnum and Mason

I love Fortnum and Mason's blends. Not only do they taste amazing, they also come in the most beautiful caddies. They are definitely pricier than just about every other tea I review, but they are always worth it. And the caddies are very reusable. If you're new to loose leaf and want to splash out on a caddy, I highly recommend Fortnum's. They're all so lovely.

The Queen's Blend is a good, strong breakfast tea fit for the Queen. Created to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's historic reign, it has a blend of African and Indian teas that meld into a smooth and rich taste. Perfect for those of you who enjoy a hefty, malty tea, rather than the lightness of a Ceylon or Darjeeling. I think this blend will suit you early risers who like to get up with the dawn chorus and write first thing.

...It's also perfect for those of us who aren't so great at waking up and writing first thing. What can I say, I need the sun to be shining before my brain can truly engage with the creative process. A strong tea like this definitely helps. I've been brewing a cup at my desk while preparing for editing. If you like your tea really strong, go for a five minute brew. If you want to take the edge of that a little, three minutes will do.


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