Miss Cole's Tea Time - London Tea from The Tea House

One of the great thing about trying different blends is tasting teas you don't otherwise drink. When I'm trying a new blend, I usually rely on my sense of smell. If you go into a store that sells loose leaf, be sure to open up the caddies and stick your nose in. It's a good way to know if you'll like the tea.

I don't often drink Darjeeling tea, but this London Tea blend has the perfect hint of floral flavours thanks to it. I should think this would be a good tea for Earl Grey drinkers, or tea drinkers who find Earl Grey too strong. The blend of Darjeeling and Ceylon makes for a very light tea. It's perfect for afternoon refreshment or a cup of tea to banish the working day before you sit down to spend the evening writing. I like the slight twang of taste at the end of each sip. It gives this mellow tea a slight kick. It's not the kind of powerful taste you'll get with an Assam blend. It's more like the crest of a wave before it pulls back. A good tea to get you back in to the flow.

Brewing this just right might take a bit of practice. You'll want to give it at least five minutes unless you want it to taste fairly weak. I wouldn't put much milk in it if that's the case, because it will definitely drown out the tea. It's going to have a fairly light colour as it's a blend of Darjeeling and Ceylon. Just take care not to drown even a five minute brew in milk. The leaves will be overwhelmed and it'll taste more like hot, milky water.


  1. I love the packaging, but I tend to prefer a strong tea. Cute tea cup in the background.

    1. So red and shiny! Lots of their teas come in that package.

      Yeah, this definitely won't replace the likes of an Assam for strength, but it's worth trying for a bit of a change :)


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