Bookish Advent Calendar - Day Ten!

This book was very much my first proper introduction to the steampunk genre, and it's still a favourite. I wish you could still buy it with this beautiful cover. Snowbooks really put their all into it, and its what caught my eye when I originally bought it. The newer cover isn't as lively, which is a real shame.

I love how real the steam-powered London of 1901 feels in this book, and the artificially preserved Queen Victoria is so creepy. The Affinity Bridge has just the right blend of science-fiction and fantasy, and the main characters - Sir Maurice Newbury, a detective specialising in the occult, and his assistant Veronica Hobbes - are engaging and believable, and not without a few secrets of their own. They must work together to find out why an airship carrying a member of the Dutch Royal Family crashed, killing everyone aboard. It's a great introduction to a series I love, and it's perfect for anyone looking for a place to dip their toe into the genre.


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