Bookish Advent Calendar - Day Six!


Ah, Matilda. A children's classic, complete with a cover from the 1996 film which I highly doubt you'll find on current day editions.

This book is perfect for any younger reader in your life. It called to me as a child. How great to have a main character who loved reading like I did. It's a book to that says "being smart and clever is the best thing you can be." This message resonated with me so much when I was a child. I just wish being a great reader had given me super powers, too...


  1. Matilda is so good, I really need to re-read it some time. It also makes me happy to see that Matilda's actress, Mara Wilson, has grown up to be a responsible and amazing young woman who champions a lot of great causes online. (And regularly stars in the Night Vale podcast as the Secret Old Woman Who Lives In Your Home! It's awesome!)

    1. She is awesome. Her portrayal of Matilda was a massive inspiration for me when I was little, and I'm so glad she's grown into a great human being ^_^


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