Bookish Advent Calendar - Day Eight!

I picked up Monsters at YALC this summer and it's a definite YA favourite of the year. I downed it in a day. It's one of those deeply creepy stories that eats away at you, told from the perspective of a girl you're never quite sure of. Is she yearning to be normal, or does she revel in her darker nature? I adored how the idyllic Cornish setting was a complete contrast to the events of the story. It's like a really dark take on a Famous Five story. To say more would be a spoiler, but do take a closer look at that magnificent cover...


  1. That cover. WOW. Took me a good minute to see it (I kept staring at the seagull shadows looking for clues in the bright red) but when I did, whoa. *adds to want-to-read*

    1. Isn't it brilliant? I hope you'll enjoy it :D


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