Miss Cole's Tea Time - Ceylon from Kent and Sussex

I really like Ceylon tea. It's such a great tea to unwind with, and not just at the end of a work day. I like to take it to work with me, especially during those eleven hour shifts. And I'm so glad to have another tea from Kent and Sussex, because their prices are so affordable. I really can't recommend them enough.

One thing you'll notice with Ceylon, compared to Assam, is it has a much lighter colour when you pour it. You do have to be careful not to overload it with milk, especially if you haven't left it to brew for a good 3-4 minutes.

And if you're wondering what "Orange Pekoe" refers to, it's the type of leaf the tea has. Orange Pekoe is considered to be a high grade, especially compared to the "dust" you may find in your teabag brand of choice. It's amazing how complicated tea grading gets, as different terms refer not only to where the tea comes from, but also when it was picked, the way it was picked, and the quality of it. Chances are you've got a good tea if it has Orange Pekoe on the label. I can confirm this is a delicious Ceylon, and very nicely priced! Well worth trying for yourself.


  1. Lovely review! Kent and Sussex really do fantastic orange pekoe grade teas, I need to order from them again soon. :D

    1. You must! I'm lucky to have a local(ish) stockist, and I have yet to have a bad cup of tea from them.


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