Miss Cole's Tea Time - Assam Orangajuli from Pekoe

If you've got a busy week ahead, it's time for a robust tea! This Assam is very strong, and great to get you up and about in the morning, ready to tackle whatever the writing/editing/working day brings.  I also think it's another great transitional tea for those of you looking for a morning coffee replacement.

If you like strong tastes, brew this for five minutes. If you're looking for a strong taste with a little less bite, three minutes will do. You may want to vary times based on how you brew it. I tend to use teapots or single cup brewers so my leaves have lots of room to move, but if you're using a steeper, you may want to brew for longer just to get the most out of the leaves.

You'll also notice this is a "second flush" tea. That means it was picked later in the summer than your springtime first flush teas. First flushes tend to be more expensive. I know I have an "expensive treats" section in my list of teas, but believe me when I say that's nothing compared to how expensive some teas can get! Now, getting back to the "second flush" term, it probably means your tea has a stronger taste as its grown for longer. This particular Assam has a really strong, malty taste. You'll notice that from the first sip. Pekoe recommend it as an alternative breakfast tea, and I agree if you need a strong taste first thing in the morning. Probably not so good for those lazy weekend mornings though ;)


  1. Yum..one of my favorite winter teas. But with the shorter brewing time, please :)

    1. Definitely a good one to get going on those dark winter mornings.


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