The "OMG It's August" Check in

Uuuuuh, excuse me, 2018, but where are you going? How is it August? I... Er... I've done so little on the blog this year that my front page is still full of December 2017 posts which happened a while ago now O_O

So sorry about that. 2018 has been crazy busy in my working life and I've really had to pick how I use my free time. Blogging's really gone by the wayside. But if anyone's still out there, let me know! I'm here too!

So, where am I?

Previously in Writing

Back in my last catch up post, I said I wanted to have a round of edits completed by the end of July. And I managed that! I managed it so well, I'm now delving deep into another round. I've dubbed this the "Free Indirect Speech" edit so I can really get into my main character's head and show the readers what she's like. I'm aiming to have that done by the end of next week. Depends on how busy I am at the day job.

Previously in Reading

I just read Jurassic Park by Michael Critchton. I found it fascinating to see the differences between the book and the film. The book is far more graphic! It's a solid sci-fi thriller though. If you haven't read it and like the film, I recommend it! Although I was laughing at the fact that all the phone-lines are taken up by dial up internet XD Oh, the 90s. Talk about a lost world.

Next Time in Goals

I'm aiming to be submission ready by the end of the year, so while I'm hoping to get back the blog before December, in case I don't, my goal is to be getting ready to query again.

A Word of Advice

Don't put unrealistic pressures on yourself. Just because everyone else is celebrating huge successes on Twitter, you do you. Just because you don't have an agent or a book deal, doesn't mean you need to push yourself harder and harder. Do it you way in your own time. 


  1. I'm still here! *waves* Though yeap, I'm also in the wayward blogger group, my poor site is getting dusty around the edges.

    Congratulations on completing the edit! I wouldn't have the foggiest what a "Free Indirect Speech" edit is, so I think I've got a lot to learn, heh. I'd love to hear a breakdown of what that means if you ever get a chance -- I'm imagining an edit with a focus on your MC's inner narrative and how it differs from her dialogue?

    I have Jurassic Park sitting on my Kindle waiting to be read. Really need to get around to it! I tried the audiobook but it really didn't click with me.

    And heh, I think I need that word of advice after panicking over my lack of writing achievements this year. ;D

    1. Mostly I fail to blog because my day job is crazy busy and I have to prioritise. Trying to grt back into the habit though!

      That's exactly what it is and yup, blog coming ASAP!

      It's a really quick read. I downed it in 2 days. Well worth another go ^_^

      Sometimes Twitter just really gets me down but then I have to remind myself that I'm me, not them, and I will do it my way in my time. So do not be so down on yourself!


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