Celebrate Every Success

I've been blogging (eh, on and off you know how it is) for a while now. Over the years, I've worked on a number of projects but you know the one thing I still haven't done?

Signed with an agent.

Don't worry, I'll get my own violin out.

ANYWAY! The point is, just because I'm not represented or I don't have a book deal, doesn't mean I haven't had any successes in my writing life. I made it into the Golden Egg Academy and got to work with my amazing editor, Emma. I've made lots of friends and been to all kinds of events and workshops. I think if we only celebrate success only in terms of the BIG things like signing with an agent or getting a book deal, the huuuuuuge majority of us are gonna be waiting for a long, long time to give ourselves a pat on the back.

So if you've looked at your manuscript when you didn't want to, if you've written actual words today, hit a huge word count, edited a page, plotted something, done anything related to your book, celebrate it. Celebrate everything no matter what, because writing is really, really hard and you should be proud of every achievement.

What's your most recent success? Go on, shout it out for the whole internet to read!


  1. Ahh, this post has made me realise that this year I don't have anything writing-wise that I really feel proud of and want to celebrate. I really need to finish an edit so I've at least got something to feel proud of. I gotta roll up my sleeves!

    I am so, so confident that your patience and tenacity in the agent hunt will pay off soon. It's all down to persistence. <3

    1. You can do it!!!!

      Here's hoping that persistence pays off in the winter :D


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