Previously in, uh, 2018?

 *blows dust off of blog*

Hey everyone! WOW have I ever sucked at updating monthly around these parts. I have a number of excuses, some of them legit, others of them not so much ^^; Basically, I took on a lot of extra students at my job this year and boy oh boy has that eaten into my free time. That's why this blog as fallen so quiet. Anyway! Let's catch up with all things Cole, shall we? :P

Previously in Writing

Aaaaah. For the first time in a while I can say this is going really, really well. I managed to find the balance between my day job and editing again, which feels soooooooo good. I have the benefit of editing with the support of an editorial report from my GEA editor. I have distilled all of Emma's wonderful advice into a lengthy list and I'm working my way through it right now. I'm feeling very positive and productive ^_^

Previously in Reading

Let's see. I've read Into the Woods by John Yorke, which is a fantastic book looking at how (and why) we construct stories the way we do. Highly recommended to anyone struggling with structure (a definite weakness of mine!).

I'm currently working my way through Tim Weaver's latest novel. He's become my favourite thriller writer and his latest is soooo intense so far!

Next Time in Goals

I'd like to have this round of edits complete by the end of July. I think that's reasonable and manageable.

A Word of Advice

Don't be afraid to give yourself the time you need. There's so much pressure to have everything done RIGHT NOW. It's tough, but you gotta ignore it and do things in your own time. Worry about your journey, not other people's.


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