Writing For Children or Teens? Here's Why You Should Consider Golden Egg Academy's Foundations

Now I've completed my first year with the Golden Egg Academy, I wanted to dedicate an entire post to why their Foundation Year course is amazing and why you might want to consider applying. You've got until January!

When I accepted the offer to join the Foundation Year course in December 2016, I saw 2017 as a chance to fully invest in myself as a writer. and put my all into making Ghost!Story the greatest book it could possibly be. One year later, and I'm a much improved writer. I may have plenty more work to do, but compared to where I was? Yeah, huge improvements.

The Foundation Year has three terms, each one starting with a workshop in London (and now Manchester!) and then continuing through weekly online classes where I entertain everyone with my amazing use of gifs.


Each term covers a different subject so that you can build up the foundation (see what they did there?) of what makes a good book.I had so many lightbulb moments in the weekly online classes. Little exercises that unlocked entire scenes or characters for me.  Every class was such a great learning experience.

Taking the Foundations course gave me a reason to never, ever give up on something just because it meant putting in a ton of extra work. The course gave me the confidence, to rip the book to pieces and restart from the ground up more than once. I've had a year to tell myself there's no rush, just do what you have to do to get this book sorted. Never before have I killed so many of my darlings. But I did it, and the book is so much better for it.

I have never worked on one book this intensely before, and I'm not done yet. Because I've been working with an editor, the lovely Emma Greenwood, I know where my book works best and where it needs some more attention. Working with an editor is so exciting. To have someone who just gets your book and can push you and motivate you to make the necessary improvements feels amazing. It's how you grow as a writer. And I am growing so much. I  would not be where I am now without Emma Greenwood's cheerleading and support. If you're accepted onto the Foundations course, you too will have the chance to work with an editor. It's amaaaaaazing! Without a doubt my favourite part of the course.

Well, that and having a new group of fellow writers to talk to and work with. It's so nice to have a support group around you. Shout out to my fellow Foundation Year January 2017 intake whoop whoop!

The Foundations course has shown me my weaknesses as a writer. Instead of turning my back or trying to write my way around them, I've accepted the areas I need to work on and dedicated myself to self-improvement. With every edit, I can see and feel the improvements I've already made. My Foundation Year experience has helped me develop better ways of tracking my edits. I mean I now have SPREADSHEETS! I also have a massive rewrite plan, but I can't show you that. Too many spoilers!

If you're looking to hone your craft, maybe the Golden Egg Academy is for you. 2017 has been a year of growth for me, and I'm excited to continue that learning experience with all the friends I've made in 2018.


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