Two posts in one month? Go me!

Yes, welcome to Previously, your chance to reflect on the writing month. You're all very welcome to join me. Either post it to your own blog, or chat to me in the comments below. 

Previously in Writing

I am approaching a big ol' editing deadline right now. Yes, I am sending the entirety of my novel off to my amazing GEA editor. GULP! I'll have to let you know how that goes at the end of next month...

I've spent most of October editing. I've deleted crutch words, added extra character detail and made sure my key themes come across loud and clear to the reader. I'm kind of amazed at how much more is in the novel despite it being over 16k words shorter. The original draft sat at 77k. This one sits pretty at 61K. Definitely a case of quality over quantity.

Previously in Reading

Don't know if you heard, but Philip Pullman released a new book. I was super hesitant about picking it up because a lot of my childhood/teen faves that receive an addition have been quite disappointing (looking at you, Goldenhand). Definitely not the case here, thank goodness! It's crazy to think I first read Northern Lights over twenty years ago. How am I old enough to have clear memories of events from twenty years ago?!

Next Time in Goals

I'd like to say I'm gonna NaNo an entire first draft of the next book in my Ghost!Story series... We'll see what the day job has to say about that :P

A Word of Advice

To you brave NaNoers - don't listen to that inner editor. Sit your arse in that chair and WRIIIIIIIIIIIIIITE! Editing comes way, way later. Get the idea on the page. You can do it!!!


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