What It's Like To Work With An Editor

One of the greatest parts of my course with Golden Egg is having an editor to work with. Emma is *amazing*. That gif is for her! She has the ability to analyse my story in a way I've never managed, and find the plotlines that matter out of all the clutter I've buried them under. When I had my last meeting with her, she helped me to streamline my first act and unpack the opening events of my second.

Yes, I am indeed killing more darlings as you read this. Mwahahahahahahahahaaaa!

Working with an editor means you've got someone who really knows what they're talking about to bounce ideas off. And not only that, someone who can help you uncover the really important themes in your work. Oh, and someone who can help you ensure you've got your core structure in place. Sure, you're the one who has to implement it all, but why seek out the help of an editor if you're not willing to make changes? Important changes.

I've grown more in the past six months as a writer than I have in years.

I'm lucky that my editor comes attached to an entire year-long course that's revolutionising how I am constructing my work. If you're based in the UK and write for the children's/teenage market, I cannot recommend investing in yourself and your work with the Golden Egg Foundation Year. If you're not working in the children's/teen market, or your not UK based, but you want some professional insight into your work, I think it's well worth paying a good editor to read and report on your book. Emphasis on the *GOOD* part of that. Do your research. Alternatively, seek out writing courses that can support your development. At the very least, check out some 'How To' guides.

Here in summer 2017, I can't say whether or not all this work on Ghost!Story will pay off and I'll be signing with an agent and gaining a publishing contract in 2018. But I'll know better than ever how to construct a story from the ground up. Everything I'm learning will feed into whatever I write next, and I wouldn't be learning all of this without Emma's amazing help.


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