This is going to be my final Previously of 2016, as I like to do a review of the year in December. It's basically a prerequisite of internet blogging - you absolutely must upload a review of the year at the end of the given year.

Previously in Writing

So. Much. Editing. So, I am happy to announce that I have been offered a place at the Golden Egg Academy's Foundation Year course. I received an editorial report from them on the opening chapters of Conspiracy of Echoes, and suffice to say the advice was solid and I must implement it between now and January of next year. I am really excited about this :D Being told your writing has potential is fantastic, and I know if I can make this plot and character change, this book could make its way to bookshop shelves :D Here's to making 2017 a year of writing self-improvement.

Previously in Reading

Ten years after I first started reading it, I finally finished the Bleach manga. Aaaaaaaand, yeah, it wasn't the best. I kinda wish the manga had ended like the anime. The final arc of the manga had so much potential but it kinda ran out of energy. Ah well, Bleach at its best was still amazing. I shall always remember it fondly.

Next Time in Goals

My goal for this month was to get into the flow with my new job, and so far so good!

Oh, and I finally completed Dark Souls. Hooray!

December is going to be very, very busy and because I'm crazy, I'm aiming to have a finished draft of my Conspiracy of Echoes rewrite done by the end of the month... Emphasis on the *draft*. I need the first 5000 words ready for the Foundation year course I'll be starting in January, but I want a good draft of the whole book to work from, too...

A Word of Advice

If lots of people are making similar suggestions regarding your novel, listen and listen well. Don't shy away from rewrites just because it'll be hard work. If you can make your book even better than before, go for it!

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