Concert Review - Taylor Davis

On Tuesday night, I went up to Camden to see Taylor Davis live in concert. For those of you who are unfamiliar with her, she’s a violinist known for covering videogame, film and anime music, as well as producing her own original music. And she was fantastic. I was so inspired by her talent. The way she leaps across the strings is mesmerising. And the music was so good. I loved hearing not only her covers, but her original music, too. Her new album, Odyssey, sounds amazing.

As you guys know, I love hearing live videogame music, and I was not disappointed. Taylor performed an explosive version of Cosmo Canyon from Final Fantasy VII. I know I wasn’t the only person in the crowd bopping along. And it was so good hearing Song of Storms from her Zelda cover album. It’s a favourite of mine, and she performed it beautifully. Now I need Breath of the Wild even more than I already did!

I really appreciated how Taylor took the time to talk to the crowd. Nerds unite indeed! She explained why she played the kind of music she did, she talked to us about the violin she was playing with (a very cool black carbon fibre violin!), and related her experiences of being bullied at school and using videogames to escape it. That definitely resonated with me. I really appreciated her honesty. I wish I’d had the time to stay after the show to meet her, or had booked tickets early enough to go to her pre-show meet and greet, but alas, I had to catch the train home to Brighton.

Taylor Davis’ tour continues across Europe and the US for the next couple of months. Check dates here. If you get the chance to go, you should definitely hear her perform. She’s incredibly talented, and I for one had a brilliant evening hearing her play.


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