It's that time of the month already. Come and share how your month of June went. Because June was...well...June, er, happened...

Previously in Writing

I finished my just for me book which was... a fifth Ghost!Story. I just wanted to say one last goodbye to those characters. And now, with the first book still querying, it's time to find something new. I toyed with an idea for a thriller and wrote the first few thousand words, but I've put it aside for now. Not quite enough plot to go around.

I am now eagerly awaiting my brain's next big idea. Any day now...

Previously in Reading

I read more in June than I have in any other month of this year. Read the last book in The 5th Wave trilogy. Good ending. I also read the finale to Justin Cronin's The Passage trilogy, City of Mirrors. Currently my favourite book of 2016. Couldn't have asked for a better conclusion. 

Next Time in Goals

Hehehe, my main goal for this month was to play Uncharted 4. And I did. And I loved it.

July and August are going to be busy at work for me. School holidays = very limited free time for me. Keeping my goals really, super dull - endure and survive. 

A Word of Advice 

For my British readers: things seem really, really grim right now. Like, really grim. Surround yourselves with the people and things that make you happy, and only look at the news/your Twitter feed when you've got the strength to do so.  

Endure and survive, y'all. Endure and survive. I am here for you, and I have lots and lots of tea to drink while we gather ourselves.

Leave your Previously... link below!

(Dear July. Please be better. Please, please, please be better)


  1. Augh, that last bit... I agree so much. Things are dark right now. Really dark. But we'll get through it!

    I believe in a better Britain than this.

    1. We will endure, we will get through it, and, yes, we *are* better than this.


  2. Congrats on finishing your fifth ghost story. It's such a wonderful feeling getting to the end, isn't it? :)

    1. It really is, and I can't wait for the buzz of a new first draft.


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