Miss Cole's Tea Time - East Frisian Broken Blend from Tin Roof Teas

Today's tea comes from North Carolina's Tin Roof Teas. It's another good, strong tea. I personally wouldn't drink it with cream, as I feel that would weigh the taste down too much. I like to taste the malt and the tartness. It's a really satisfying tea to kick start your working and writing day with. And yes, I have a new Tea Traveler! I had to replace my old one with the green lid as it had seen so much use the poor thing was cracking. I picked it up at Tin Roof, too, after failing to find a similar product here in the UK. I love using a teapot, but sometimes a single cup brewer like this is exactly what I need at my desk. Plus it's so easy to get the leaves out and clean it.

Anyway, back to the tea!

I gave this a minimum four minute brew, but given the size of the leaves and how much you get in a single scoop, I think you could probably get away with three. Thanks to the Assam, I definitely class this as a morning and afternoon tea if you're hard at work, or perhaps just morning if it's a lazy weekend. Unless you're working late, you'll probably want to switch to a lighter tea in the evening.

A great blend for all of my fellow black tea drinkers!


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