Miss Cole's Tea Time - Darjeeling Second Flush from Eteaket

Thanks again to my eldest brother for treating me to a tea subscription for my 30th last year. I never would've discovered this delicious Darjeeling without it.

I am very new to "neat" Darjeeling. In fact, I can pinpoint the day I first drank it - May 26th 2016 in a hotel in Switzerland. I've had it in so many blends, I knew I had to like it, and I did. So when I came home and saw that my latest tea delivery was, in fact, Darjeeling, I was pretty excited.

And this is a delicious Darjeeling. Strong, yes, but if brewed just right, you get a really refreshing sweet, floral taste. It's completely different to any of the other black teas I've had. You'd think, with the flowery notes, it'd have more in common with a Ceylon, but the heft of it nudges it closer in taste to an Assam. It's a great breakfast tea, and it's been keeping me company while I work at my desk. I drink it with and without milk. I don't have a particular preference, but if you are simply used to tea with milk, don't be afraid to pour some in.

Aaah, it's always so exciting to find a new tea to drink.


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