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If you've been following me on Twitter, you'll have noticed I haven't been home in the UK much this month. I've been travelling across Europe. It's definitely been a slower creative month, but a very inspirational one!

Previously in Writing

It's be a bit tricky finding the time, but I have written daily. I'm still really enjoying my little for me project.

Previously in Reading

I read a few YA books, including my own (hehehe). I've just started Girl on the Train, but it's too early to tell how it'll turn out. It definitey had an intriguing opening, so I'm hopeful it'll be a fantastic book.

Next Time in Goals

I drastically overestimated how much free time I would have this month, so May's goals will roll over into June - carry on with my music theory work and see how this book I'm writing pans out.

Because let's be honest, my top priority for June is to PLAY UNCHARTED 4 AT LAAAAAAAAAAAST :D

A Word of Advice
Sometimes you have to put the camera down and just enjoy the moment. It can be so inspiring to just close your eyes and soak a place in.
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  1. I've been really loving all your Europe photos, so glad you're having a good time! Will be very interested to hear what you think of The Girl on the Train, I've seen it advertised all over the place.

    1. I have a very long train ride to Paris in 2 days so I'm hoping to read it then ^_^

  2. I'm loving your Twitter feed at the moment! I'm so jealous! Good luck with you're new project, I hope you continue to love it. Uncharted 4 is also on my list, but I need to get to Uncharted 3 first :P
    Hope the rest of your trip is just as great as the start!

    1. Oh, I will be picking up Uncharted 4 as soon as I return to the UK on Sunday. My patience is at its limit.

      Thank you!


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