Monthly Soundtrack Reviews - Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Soundtrack: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Album Art Source
Year: 2005
Composer: Nobuo Uematsu 
Stand Out Track: J-E-N-O-V-A
Works Well With: Fantasy, heroic quests, AWESOME BATTLES!!!  

It's the best of both worlds with this one, as it is technically a game and film score! Hooray!

There's an excellent blend of straight orchestral music, piano renditions, and rock/orchestral mashups. It's a very thrilling album, and it's great for writing actions scenes or climatic battles.

Given that this is part of the Final Fantasy family, it will do a great job inspiring those of you writing in that genre. One of my favourite pieces, Yakusoku No Chi (The Promised Land), has that appropriate sense of grandeur. It's a really beautiful piece.

Like I said, it features some excellent battle tracks. Listing them all would take up most of this review, so I'll pick the highlights. The Chase of Highway is so much fun. You could come up with an entire fight based on that piece with all the highs and lows your heroes will experience. I also like the quiet start to Beyond the Wasteland. It builds from ominous beginnings to a pounding conclusion. And, of course, you've got One Winged Angel on here. It's an orchestral/rock fusion and it is sooooooo cool.

That's not to say this soundtrack isn't without its quieter moments. It has a beautiful rendition of Aerith's Theme, and Cloud Smiles is a great way to write a happy ending. And The Great Northern Cave is incredibly ominous. It's good for when your antagonists are up to no good. Mostly, though, this is a soundtrack for writing fights. It's highly recommended, especially if you're looking to get to know Uematsu's music.


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