Querying - You're Not Missing Your "Chance" By Waiting

Querying is a huge deal for any writer. Simply making it to this stage is a massive success worthy of celebration.

But sometimes you can be so excited, you start querying too soon because you see a tweet or a blog post from an agent on their Manuscript Wishlist page asking for something along the lines of what you've written and you think They have to have my book RIGHT NOW otherwise I'll miss my chance! TO MY E-MAIL ACCOUNT!!!!!! GOOOOOO!!!

I am very guilty of getting overexcited and impatient and submitting too soon. HOWEVER!!!!!!!!! I would like to say there is an upside to this because I've been fortunate enough to get some amazing agent feedback on my work that I've been able to apply. I never would've picked up on what they suggested myself, so I definitely don't regret getting a little ahead of myself.

It's important to remember querying is a process and your book can and perhaps should evolve. Just make sure you feel certain you're sending off your best work, rather than rushing into it and hoping for the best.

I think that feeling of "If I don't do it now it'll be too late!" can be really magnified if a lot of the other writers you know are already querying or taking part in contests but you're not at the stage. Agents don't have a set quota ("that's a new client this year and I shall take NO MORE!") and people going ahead of you won't fill it.

Maybe there is a window for a certain type of book, and yes, agents are thinking in business terms when they read work submitted to them, but every agent I've ever listened to or read an interview from has also said it's about the writing. An amazingly well written book will get noticed. But it's up to you to make sure that book is brilliant to begin with, and maybe giving yourself a little more time before diving into querying is exactly what your book needs.

See you all Wednesday for this month's Previously!


  1. Sage advice, as always. So easy to rush forward, but also very easy to hold back for far too long.

    Wow, 'Previously' is rolling around so fast this month! Looking forward to it.

    1. Thank you ^_^

      Yup, April seems to have been awfully short.


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