Editing. Editing Never Ends...

Apologies for not posting this on time. I've been a one woman editing machine this week. 

Distance from a manuscript can be a wonderful thing. It takes your mind, imagination and emotions out of the story and allows you to return to it in a more objective manner. I don't know about you guys, but this is something I can struggle with. I just get SO DAMNED EXCITED OMG YAY that I can't always get the distance I need...

Until now. Probably because I gave it ten months.

Based on agent feedback, I decided to go back and rewrite sections of Ghost!Story (better know now as Conspiracy of Echoes). In doing so, I proved beyond a doubt you could edit a book forever and never be done with it. But given that I haven't looked at it in that kind of depth in a while, I was able to spot things I'd missed before, things agents had noticed. I added two new opening chapters, sprinkled extra foreshadowing, and cleaned up teeny weeny little errors I'd missed (hello, random stray commas). I'm well aware I could go back in another ten months and do the same thing, but for now I think I've created an even stronger version of this story.

When I was at YALC last year, one thing that both agents and authors running workshops kept saying was you are never done editing. The agents talked about how their authors might think they're done, but they're not. This is something I really appreciate now. If an agent represents Conspiracy of Echoes (pretty please? :D), I know I'll have even more work ahead of me. But for now, it's time to send out the next batch of queries.

Wish me luck!


  1. So true. I'm re-writing a story from 2014 at the moment and man, coming back to it with all that new knowledge feels SO FLIPPIN' GOOD.

    I've discovered that I hate doing major rewrites in quick succession, but with a long enough break, I loooooove it. So nice to revisit old friends.

    1. It is like coming back to dear friends. Hopefully I have an even more compelling story now. Fingers crossed :D

  2. I love the new title!

    Sadly I'm at the stage where I'm just so sick of my manuscript. I need to leave it for a good few months now...

    1. I know that feeling very, very well. Hopefully you'll love it all over again soon :)


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