The Joy of Writing With Music - Lyrics!

I don't tend to share music with lyrics here on my blog, but I do listen to it - a lot! I suppose it's not my usual writing music because I have been known to get distracted and type lyrics in place of my own words. Anyway, today I'm sharing some of my favourite songs that have inspired me over the years. Be sure to share your own in the comments or via Twitter!

Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up) -Florence and the Machine

This is the song that made me a Florence and the Machine fan. I love the intensity of it.

Wonderwall - Oasis

This is my favourite Oasis song. A+ use of cello. I first heard this as a child, and I used to imagine a quite literal well lit pathway leading someone somewhere. It's proved inspirational over the years ;) Favourite lyric? All the roads we have to walk are winding...

Space Oddity - David Bowie

This song really reminds me of my book, Colony. Space Oddity is about someone who loses himself in the vastness of space. It was very inspirational.

Aikoi - Fiction Junction Yuuka

This song launched a lot of action sequences in my imagination. Just listen to that beat! And the violin! Aaaaaah. The joy of listening to songs in Japanese or any other language I don't speak (soooo every language that isn't English :P) is a sure way to ensure I don't write the lyrics while I write.


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