The Joy Of Writing With Music - Character Themes

Hey, it's me. We were never going to get through a series of posts on music without my love of soundtracks cropping up. Today, I'm looking specifically at character themes (or what I personally consider to be character themes). Each track sums up their character(s) or their relationships quickly and beautifully. So handy for us writers looking for character inspiration.

As before, please share your favourites :D


What a grand, sweeping piece of music. Does your story feature an epic love story? This will be good mood music for your characters.


(It's a miracle my DS still works after the amount of tears I wept at the end of that game...)

Not all our characters are happy people. If you've got one with a particularly tragic story, this is the piece of music for you.


I haven't had nearly enough Hans Zimmer on here lately. I love this track from the Sherlock Holmes film. It's so energetic and sounds so different. When you hear that build up at the beginning, you know you're in for something exciting.


I feel like this is the track for a character who's been through some really hard times but has come out the other side a better person for it. I listen to this and I just feel so uplifted.


  1. Here's a troubled theme for a character that we have learned to like and sympathize with. In flash-forward, we've seen him behaving badly, but simply assumed it was a misunderstanding that would be explained in time. And yet, as we move through the story, the theme seems to predict his downfall just as much as it describes his anguish and tumultuous past.

    1. Thanks for sharing. I've never played that game, so I'd never heard that song. I hear exactly what you mean.


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