It's that time of the month when Tracey Joseph and I ask what you've all been up to this month :D

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Previously in Writing

I received some incredibly useful agent feedback on a book, so I've been applying that. I've also been editing the second Ghost!Story book. It's exciting to be getting that book into shape. I'm going to change a massive chunk of it quite dramatically. I can't wait :D

Previously in Reading

I read The People Vs OJ Simpson because the TV show hooked me, but I wanted all of the details. It was absolutely fascinating. Highly recommended for true crime fans. I have a burning urge to write a crime thriller now :P

You should check out the show, too. It's available on iPlayer in the UK. Without the book's authorial voice, I think it leaves the final decision up to you. The book, while presenting both the prosecution and the defense's cases, is definitely more one-sided.

Next Time in Goals

Hooray, I did indeed finish typing up Ghost!Story book 2's edits. Time to get ready for the big paper edit. Red pen at the ready! So goal number one, continuing editing!

I also memorised the key of D on the violin. That's made things a lot easier. When I went to Glasgow the other weekend, I stopped by a gorgeous violin shop.

Also, my eldest brother and I bought our mum a piano for her birthday. Well, we had to compete with our middle brother providing the first grandchild somehow. So, goal number two for the month is to continue self-teaching the piano when I can get my hands on it.

A Word of Advice

My advice regarding agent feedback is give it a lot of thought before you make big changes. I gave it a solid week before I sat down and put the suggestions into action, and another week before I decided I wanted to go with it.

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  1. Agent feedback is amazing, isn't it? Such a gift! I received some recently for my query trenches project and it realyl helped strengthen that story. It meant so much that agents were willing to spend time giving me advice.
    (It also means you're getting really close, which is amazing!)

    That violin shop in Glasgow is absolutely stunning! I could set a story there, with a violin-playing newbie meeting a cute but standoffish violin playing guy in the cosy, close confines of the shop, only to find out THEY'RE RIVALS, pitted against each other for a place in their school's string quartet.

    And while she gets all caught up in the rivalry and keeps trying to defeat this dude he's like 'okay but it's just a school concert and crowds make me anxious so if you want the part you can have it, I help you learn' 'WE ARE RIVALS' 'sure but lemme fix your posture' 'WE DUEL AT DAWN' 'siighh as long as you actually study this time, I want to see improvement' 'WE ARE ENEMIES WE MUST FIGHT' 'no you are cute and seeing you improve makes me happy but if it spurs you on I will do it'

    1. You need to write that story right now!!!

      Agent feedback is so good. It makes the rejection so helpful. I WILL NOT FAIL!!! :D

  2. Agent feedback is awesome! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you in the trenches! :)

  3. I loved getting agent feedback. The instances were so few and far between, but every single agent who took the time to give detailed feedback will forever be in my heart as a wonderful, wonderful human being (even if they are not my agent, lol!)!! <3

    1. I agree, and without a doubt I have a stronger book thanks to them :)


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