Miss Cole's Tea Time: Winchester Breakfast Tea from Char

Today's tea is a fantastic breakfast tea. Good, malty, strong - just what you need for a super chilly morning. I picked this up from Char Teas in Winchester back in December. It's a lovely shop, with very helpful and friendly staff. If you happen to be in Winchester, I highly recommend it.

This is an Assam tea and it's got a powerful taste without leaving too much of an aftertaste in the mouth. Sometimes an Assam can really coat the mouth with its maltiness, but this is very smooth. It's absolutely perfect for when you need to get up and go in the morning, as I've found it brews perfectly within three minutes. If you want a more powerful taste, go for five and limit the milk.

I've been splitting my non-day job time between blogging, editing and a mountain of coursework lately, and this tea has kept me going. That little teapot you see up there can make two cups, which is great when I'm sitting at my desk in the middle of work.

(And hey, Supernatural fans, you know you want to drink a tea with the name Winchester on it, even though this refers to the city in the UK, not the brothers :D)


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