Miss Cole's Tea Time - Keep Cup

I picked up a Keep Cup in January after buying my dad one for Christmas. Not only do I use it to take tea to work with me, but I also use it when I'm buying take away drinks from local coffee shops that accept Keep Cups.

I chose a glass cup, but you can get plastic. I decided my drink would taste decidedly better out of glass. This is a decision I am glad I made, despite the extra cost. The only problem can be with the plastic lid - it will retain the taste of washing up liquid. Bleugh. I highly recommend only washing it out with boiling water.

This isn't the kind of cup you can put a tea in and drink an hour later. It will cool at the same rate as a regular cup. It definitely chills quicker than my plastic take away cup. What really makes me like this is the taste. I use it daily, and my loose leaf doesn't lose any flavour. And the glass on its own doesn't retain the taste of washing up liquid. That's what really matters to me. Plus it's very hardy and has survived being lobbed into my backpack on several occasions. If you're looking for something you can drink a warm drink out of hours later, this one isn't for you. However, if you want something you can drink on the go immediately, it's perfect. Especially if your local coffee shop will fill you up ;)

It's like my car's cup holder was made for it. Also, you're welcome for the free advertising, Yankee Candle Company car air freshener...


  1. Oooh, that looks awesome! I'm fond of ceramic cups but they're not so good outside of the home or office. (I went and ordered some new DCI mugs from Amazon.com 'cos hey, it was cheap, and UK has a sparse supply of really decent ceramic travel mugs). Will need to try a keep cup for travelling.

    1. Yes, for a nation of hot drink consumers, we have yet to fully embrace good travel mugs. This is a definite favourite.


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