Welcome to Previously... a monthly bloghop reviewing your writing and reading month ^_^ It's hosted by myself and the lovely Tracey Joseph, and we'd be delighted to have you on board.

Due to a complete absence of graphic design skills, I have not yet created a header, but if anyone would like to, please go ahead! I will be exceedingly grateful.

Previously in Writing

As expected, I spent this month exploring an idea. I still don't know if it has the legs to be a novel, but I'm enjoying handwriting bits and bobs. It's keeping me ticking over. I tried to type it up as I went, but that felt wrong, so I'm just sticking to pen and paper. I am making the occasional "if I carry this on, I will need to edit this" notes, but it's definitely nothing major yet.

I've also been busy preparing a series of character studies for the blog. They'll be posted every Monday in February. I'm so excited to share them with you all. Character studies are a great way to develop your own skills. Plus I've enjoyed a more analytical style of writing. I've had so much fun researching and compiling. I want to do more of it.

Previously in Reading

Did a spot of beta reading, but mostly this month I've been reading over old favourites. No reading challenges for me in 2016. I am just having fun and reading whatever I want. My itty bitty TBR pile (of three books) remains untouched for January.

Next Time in Goals

Hmmm... I've been using social media a lot less this month. I'm really enjoying the disconnect. My goal for February is to continue examining how I use Twitter. I don't want to abandon it, but I also need to reconsider how much time I give over to it.

I'm also thinking about my blog a lot. I'm planning to share more analytical posts, looking at pop culture from a writer's perspective. I need to finish my character studies (SO MUCH FUN!), and then an X-Files retrospective. It'll be nice to bring my fandom life into my blog.

...No, really, that's my reason :P Well, that and deconstructing stories I love is a pretty good writing exercise.

A Word of Advice

Don't be afraid to turn off social media if you're not enjoying it the way you used to. That being said, don't feel like you have to abandon it forever. Maybe take a break and assess how and why you use it. That's what I'm doing.

Time for my monthly musical motivation, too :D

I do love me some 80s pop.

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  1. I've been in the "bits and bobs" mode with some new story ideas too, in between revision sessions. I like to think of it as the daydreaming stage lol. Hope your snippets of inspiration turn into a full fledged book! :)

    1. I think giving myself a chance to just write rather than committing to the idea that THIS IS A BOOK works really well. Good luck to you with revisions :D

  2. Intensely impressed by your three-book TBR pile.

    It's been a bits-and-bobs sort of month for me too. Trying to get my beta queue down within a reasonable timescale, and pottering around with various different ideas while I try to find the one I want to settle down with. It's quite nice to just take it easy for a month.

    1. Lol! After decimating my TBR pile last summer, I am very strict regarding buying books.

      It is very nice to take it easy. It's good for the imagination ;)

  3. What a fun bloghop idea! I might play along next time! Been totally slacking on blogging and social media in general ( as always happens over Christmas holidays and especially this year!)

    If you have an idea for the type/theme of header you want, I have been known to do a bit of graphic design (not professionally or anything), and could probably whip something up for you :D

    1. It'd be lovely to have you join in ^_^

      I would be SO grateful!


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