Bookish Advent Calendar - Day Twelve!

Okay, okay, I know this is the second in a trilogy (the first book is Sabriel and also well worth reading), but Lirael is special to me. I just adored that main character, and I really related to her in my awkward teens. Lirael is an outcast in her enclave of seers, but she's fated to take part in the effort to stop a terrible creature rising from the dead. And by joining the battle, she may find her place in the world.

I love fantastical setting of this novel, and it features one of the most inventive magic systems I've ever read. The Old Kingdom trilogy is one of the best YA Fantasies available.

Also, this is the second book on this list featuring a talking dog...


  1. Love Lirael! I wish I'd read it when I was younger. That series is on my all-time favourites list!

  2. Oh man, this series really is up there with HIS DARK MATERIALS as one of my favourites. Need to re-read it some time.

    1. I reread it not that long ago. It holds up every time. In fact, I liked the third book more with every re-read.


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