Bookish Advent Calendar - Day Sixteen!

Okay, okay, okay... I know it's the third in the Young Bond series, but it's SO GOOD. And it's set at Christmas! Historical, 1930s Christmas. There we go! Perfect! A book set at Christmas for my Advent Calendar.


A maths teacher goes missing from Eton. One of James' friends receives a cryptic letter from the missing man. When they realise it's written in code and their teacher is in terrible danger, James finds himself swept up in a race against time against a deadly conspiracy.


  1. Oohh, this sounds really good. Is maths part of the mystery? I read Zero Sum Game by SL Huang recently and it's given me quite a taste for the rare niche of maths-thrillers!

    1. Yes, it is. There are word puzzles, too. All of which I am awful at :P Well worth reading.


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