Miss Cole's Tea Time - Twining's Winter Spiced Christmas Tea!

Oh yes, it's time to break out the Christmas spice blends because December is nearly upon us!

I've been saving this tea for a more festive time of year, which is why this year's caddy looks so different to the one in my picture. The caddy (with tea inside) was a gift last year from my middle brother and sister in law. This tea is Christmas in a cup. One sniff of the leaves and you'll fall into the festive mood.

It's like a mince pie and a great afternoon tea all rolled into one. The spices give the Assam such a good kick, and that after-tingle you get thanks to the spices will really warm you through. Perfect for chilly weather, especially when your hands have gone numb from the cold after hours of typing at your desk.

I brewed for a good four minutes and added a dash of milk. Personally I think sugar will really overload the taste of the spices. Drink with a mince pie or some ginger bread for a perfect Christmastime treat.

Well, this is the last tea review of 2015! I hope you've found some new blends to try, or been tempted to try tea for the very first time. I'm sure I'll be back with more tea in 2016. Let's see if anyone buys me some new blends for Christmas ;)


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