Miss Cole's Tea Time - Keemun from The Tea House

I'm really enjoying pulling blends apart and drinking the separate tea types that go into them. Take toady's Keemun. It has just a hint of the smokiness you'll find in a Russian Caravan, and the maltiness from English Breakfast teas. However, standing alone, you'll taste a lighter, sweeter taste. The leaves have a lovely, fruity aroma, too. It's a very refreshing cuppa. I quite like it in the morning to shake off the drowsiness.

If you're brewing for one, I recommend a minimum of three minutes. If you're brewing a pot for more people, you need to give it five minutes to fully blend, otherwise you'll lose the taste. It'll have a lighter brown colour, similar to a Ceylon. It can be enjoyed with or without milk.

Do you enjoy exploring the separate teas that go into your favourite blends? Share your favourite 'neat' black teas with me ^_^ I'm always looking for the next great cuppa!


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