Beat the Writer's Block With Fandom Inspiration

I am a big fan of cheering myself up with my favourite things. And sometimes favourite things are inspiring things.

Writer's block is a very real thing that stops us from writing. I appreciate that some people can write their way out of it, but plenty of writers can't. It's the same as all things in writing - what works for one may not work for others. Personally, I have to inspire myself out of it. The idea that gets me writing again might not be one I see through to querying, but it's part of the journey. I used to feel awful if I started a project that petered out before its conclusion, but now it's just part of my process.

And another part of my process is diving back into the things I love for comfort and inspiration.

It's easy to despair when you're really blocked. Maybe your ideas aren't working out right now, or life's gotten in the way, or you don't have any ideas that can turn into novels. It really can feel like there's no end when you've got a bad block.

When I'm really stuck, I love to turn to my favourite fandoms and seek inspiration. I should probably add I don't do this as an exercise. I don't make notes or anything like that. I'm just relishing the stories, settings, themes and characters I adore. I frequently finds doing so unlocks my own imagination. Maybe I'll watch a few every episode of a favourite anime or TV show. Maybe I'll watch some films and remember why I love the characters and their journeys so much. You're also quite likely to find me replaying a favourite game or re-reading my all time favourite books. I enjoy returning to stories I love, whatever their format, because they can inspire me both creatively - I'd love to write a story with a similar setting but a different thematic outlook - or technically - I LOVE how this part of the story ties into that little snippet back at the beginning.

Inspiration from your fandom is a great way to fight off a block. Remember, fanfiction or fan art are brilliant ways to get yourself back into a creative mindspace, as is playing music from your favourite scores if you're a musician.

And remember, your writer's blog will pass. Find a method of fighting back that works for you and go for it!


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