October Videogame Music Celebration - Epic Themes

To finish off my celebration of videogame music, I decided I needed to share some of my favourite themes. These are the pieces to inspire wonder in your story, whether it's great adventures or your character achieving their ultimate goal.

...But given my taste in 1) games, 2) music and 3) plots, most of these themes would really lend themselves to more action packed stories.

....weeeeeell, action packed and/or terrifying stories.

Uncharted - Nate's Theme 3.0

It's my favourite version. Love me some booming drums and brass. Makes the music feel fuller somehow.

Kingdom Hearts - Another Side

Yes, I'm linking you to the music and the trailer it came from. It's too epic not to. Aah, the trailer that launched a thousand fan theories. First time I heard this, I was SO PUMPED. It has soft, ominous opening, but it rapidly becomes dramatic and thrilling.

As the KH OSTs can be a bit tricky to get your hands on, try the Project Destati version. 

The Legend of Zelda - Gerudo Valley

Part of the 25th anniversary album released with Skyward Sword, this version of the Gerudo Valley theme is by far the best. It's urgent, it's dramatic, and it'll be sure to inspire a few good chase scenes.

Final Fantasy VII - Main Theme

Great music for any of you writing epic fantasy. It inspires grand vistas and spectacular adventures.

Silent Hill - Silent Hill Theme

We can't be this close to Halloween and not have something ominous and creepy. And if you, like me, find yourself writing horror, you cannot go wrong with any of Akira Yamaoka's Silent Hill scores.

Please join me for the obligatory mourning for PT *bows head*

Resident Evil: Code Veronica X - End Theme

This is a thrilling blend of Code Veronica X's various themes. It's action packed, it's creepy, and it's sure to inspire some great writing.

Also, this is my second favourite Resident Evil game, and I've wanted to share this piece for ages.  

Well, that brings this musical celebration to a close. I hope you've enjoyed it and found something inspiring, or a new game to play ;) 


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