October Game Soundtrack Celebration!

It's October, hooray, and I'm going to celebrate videogame music every Friday. I'll share some old favourites and some new discoveries. Some of it will be easily available via iTunes or Amazon. Some of it may be available from the game's original publisher. Square Enix are very good for selling their OSTs online THANK GOODNESS. Some of it won't be available to buy at all, but thanks to Youtube and SoundCloud, I can still share them. I'm also going to share some of the best fan arrangements I can find, because I really appreciate fans who put together their own albums out of passion and talent.

Today, I thought I'd share music to inspire the beginning of a story.

The Last of Us

If your story starts amid a tragedy, or in the aftermath of one, the main theme from The Last of Us will get you in the mood to write a haunting story.

This soundtrack is available on iTunes. Hooray!

Dearly Beloved

I've chosen to use Project Destati's rendition of the main theme from the Kingdom Hearts series because it's absolutely beautiful. A great piece for stories with a quieter beginning that are heading for grand adventures.  

Be sure to check Project Destati out here if you're a fan of the series. They do amazing renditions of the Kingdom Hearts soundtracks and if you can't afford to buy the whole soundtracks, these are the perfect alternative option.

Final Fantasy VII Main Theme

Also known as "Ahead On Our Way", this is great inspiration for those of you whose characters are about to embark upon a life changing journey.

Metal Gear Solid - Main Theme

I'd say I'm sorry to anyone who's had to sit through all of my Metal Gear Solid 4 tweets, but I'd be lying :P

If you have an action packed story full of chase scenes, characters cheating death, and maybe a bittersweet subplot, the MGS4 version of the series' main theme is for you. While you can't buy the whole album, this theme is available on iTunes. It's part of the Metal Gear Music Selection album.

Zelda Medley

And finally, a classic of video gaming, played by one of the most amazing violinists, Lindsey Stirling. This is her own arrangement of music from the Legend of Zelda series. She makes playing it look so effortless. (Note to self - practice harder!!!) It's amazing, she's amazing, and if you're writing high fantasy, this is the music for you.

See you next week for more amazing game music!


  1. Lindsey Stirling is honestly magical! I can never get enough of her music, she's just so fantastic.She deserves to be much better known.

    1. I know! I'm learning to play her Zelda medley at the moment and it is so much fun! She's a real inspiration.


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